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Thursday, September 16, 2021

Hola! I’m Wisa Chairunnisa my dearest people call me ica. I was born in Pontianak, Indonesia on June 28th 1995. I took a reckless decision to wander to Medan after finish my Senior High School but I’m grateful because this thing happen, I can dare to get out of comfort zone.

I have a big dream to traveling around the world for seriously on minimum budget. I start to traveling since 2013, and start to find everything about traveling especially on backpacker style.
I made this blog to share what I have been experienced which through my journey around the world and memories if I don’t live again in this world. And here are some of my memories in some places that I love, my journal and tips and I hope my journeys would help others to do the same, to explore and travel since young and free.