My first impression sebagai orang Indonesia pertama kali lihat kedai Alamak cafe ni terkejut sangat, sebab alamak biasa orang Indonesia cakap ketika representing sesuatu like “Alamak besar nye rumah” or something like Oh My God.

Wednesday night i come here with my Engineer as local people, she drive me to this cafe. She said Alamak is a cafe with a famous their Melted Cheese Burger and their Nasi Lemak. Once arriving, i just remember a famous cafe that is warunk upnormal, cafe & coffee shop in Indonesia. I guess Alamak at least have uniq menu and more variation. But, they just have a few menu to choosing. So saaaaaaad ☹ i hope Alamak Cafe can improve their menu into varied with many choices of food and drink. I prefer to add some coffee in their menu.

Alamak Cafe

Since I look at their menu, I just shock “that’s it?” i expect much. I look at the snacks variant and found bossku milo nugget and i call the waitress to explain what’s ingridients on that nugget. It is Banana or Chicken, and wait what? The waitress said it is chicken nugget inside with milo topping. Seriuously? I just thinking too hard. Isn’t weird? My friend ask me to try but big no sister haha. So we decided to ordered beef burger + melt cheese and she order double beef burger + melt cheese also. We move on to drinks menu and no special one but I try to order lemon grass and my friend order honey green tea because her in flu. 15 minutes later, here it is our order :

Alamak Cafe
Alamak Cafe

Wohoooo! Look at our burger, cheese melting when first sight. There is two food at Alamak cafe that is highly recommend, one is their famous melted cheese beef burger and Nasi Lemak, but we didn’t order Nasi Lemak. The patty in their burger so tasty and very soft I pretty sure it’s homemade beef and there’s a secret sauce dipped into it, the melted cheese really made my heart melted and taste good. The size is big and my friend said the bun so good also. I promise to try Nasi Lemak in next visit. So sorry for our drinks I forgot to take a picture, but my friend order once again because we look so many people order the bubble tea looks like xing fu tang 😀 the drink name is, susu harimau menangis.

Alamak Cafe

I did not find the slightest sign of a tiger crying in this drink 😀 so we try it and I think the boba so hard to bite not chewy like others boba. But we enjoyed the milk so creamy. I order lemon grass ice but I think they put lemon grass powder not a real one lemon grass but so far so good and the honey green tea so delicious.

Beef Burger + Melt Cheese : RM 10.90
Double Beef Burger + Melt Cheese : RM 13.90
Lemon Grass Cold : RM 3.20
Honey Green Tea Hot : 3.20

Alamak Cafe

Overall, the food here is good and their service is good too. Alamak cafe is a self service order at their counter and make payment after order. But, they serving our menu so fast, it doesn’t even take a long time to wating, it just 10 minutes for them to finish serving our order.

Alamak Cafe
Alamak Cafe
Alamak Cafe

My Rating of Alamak Cafe :
Place : 7/10 ( cozy to hangout with friends and family )
Environment : 7/10
Taste of Burger : 8/10 ( well done with homemade patty and tasty bun )
Drinks : 6/10 ( must improve and add some coffee haha )
Service : 8/10 ( very good )
Price : 6/10 ( a lil bit expensive for me )

Will I return to taste others menu? Of course!
So try yours.

Operating Hour :
06:30 pm – 02:30 am

Address :
215-1-1 Kristal Square,
Jalan Bukit Gambir
11900 Bayan Lepas
Penang, Malaysia

Telephone :018 972 8018
Facebook :Alamakbj

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